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Queen Fungi: A journey into the world of fungi

Today in the Domingo Magazine of the newspaper El Mercurio, appeared an article about the work that our founder and president Viviana Salazar-Vidal has been doing for years studying, disseminating and educating about the fungi present in Chile. In this report she is proclaimed as "The Fungi Queen", recognizing the enormous work done to contribute to the knowledge of fungi in Chile.

Viviana was born and raised in Curanilahue, Chile, by a middle class family and since she was a child she has strived to study nature to generate solutions to the reality in which her hometown has been involved, where much of the native forest has been lost due to logging and substitution by forestry plantations. He discovered fungi at the University of Concepción and since then, he has not stopped researching these organisms from different fields, especially approaching them from environmental education.

The article also mentions the first printed book of this Chilean mycologist, "Native Edible Wild Mushrooms of Chile: Recognition, sustainable harvesting and recipes", published by the bookstore publisher Libro Verde. We would like to thank Rodrigo Moren and all the people who have collaborated in the publication of this book and all those who have made this moment full of joy.


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