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The Mission of NGO Micófilos is to generate knowledge and disseminate it to anyone interested in learning about the Fungi Kingdom, bearing in mind the importance of the conservation of fungi for the native forest and as a natural resource that can be used by people.


This Mission is carried out through the scientific dissemination of the studies that each member develops in their respective line of research, for example: mycorrhizae, taxonomy, ecology and chemistry of macrofungi, lichens, biogeography and biological conservation, among others. For this, activities and teaching materials are developed, also aimed at schoolchildren.


In addition, we are interested in developing didactic material to teach the characteristics that distinguish these organisms, as well as conducting talks, courses and workshops in schools and higher education institutions. We want to be a close help for those people who are dedicated to working with edible mushrooms and who want to learn more about them.




The Vision of the NGO is to be a reference organization for institutions and people linked to the Fungi Kingdom, carrying out scientific divulgation aimed at the general public in Chile. For this reason, NGO Micófilos is committed to helping to know our fungal heritage and being able to conserve it, having a strong social commitment.


 Objectives of our NGO . Christian gives us the main reasons that motivate us to investigate the Fungi Kingdom and bring this content to the general public.

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