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NGO Micófilos is a non-profit Non-Governmental Organization founded at the end of 2015, dedicated to scientifically divulgation the Fungi Kingdom. Our interest is centered in the taxonomic study of the macrofungi and lichens present in Chile, as well as in the study of their biodiversity, ecology and biogeography. For us, the conservation of our native forest and the organisms that inhabit it is very important.


Our NGO is made up of eight professionals from different academic areas, with a common passion: mushrooms, as well as various Chilean and foreign collaborators, most of whom are academics who carry out research related to the Fungi Kingdom in universities and higher education centers.


It should be noted that our NGO has a solid research network made up of national and international institutions, in addition to approximately 2,000 samples in our Fungario indexed in New York Herbariorum Index with the code "MICOCL", which correspond acronym of "Micófilos Chile". Therefore, we believe that our organization contributes significantly to the research on the diversity of the Fungi Kingdom present in our country, which, by presenting biogeographic isolation and environmental conditions conducive to its growth, presents a high number of endemic species, that is, unique in the world.


We invite all those who are interested in knowing more about the diversity of fungal species that exist in Chile and the essential functions that it fulfills in our ecosystems, to contact us to evaluate the performance of joint works that strengthen the Chilean mycological study and that the results obtained, reach the general public through scientific divulgation.


 We grow together! 

 Todo por la Ciencia  Recorded chapter for Canal 13 C's science outreach program, directed by director Cristóbal Guzmán from Zeta Producciones in collaboration with RedBionova. This program was broadcast to Chile and abroad at the end of 2017. We greatly appreciate this opportunity to spread our work!


 Moments to remember...   It was difficult to choose some photographs to show you our work, but without a doubt all the chosen ones represent our passion to discover the mysteries of the Fungi Kingdom, but above all to show our commitment to share the knowledge that each member of our team has. Thank you!

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