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Fungal crossword

Complete the sentences in this crossword about species and genera of fungi and lichens.

Fungal puzzle

Put your brain to work and finish this puzzle with the most popular names of fungi and lichens.

Fungal Sudoku

Sudoku aren't just math! Check it out by completing this sudoku with mushroom genres.

To color

Here you can download two illustrations by Valentina Ilustradora inspired by mushrooms to paint.

 Do you know how a spore germinates? 


You are interested in knowing How does a mushroom reproduce? Here we leave you a nice animation about the wonderful process of the reproduction of a fungus from its spores, forming hyphae that unite to form a mycelium (true fungus).

 There are mushrooms of various shapes 


There are more than 100,000 species of fungi described on our planet. Many of them are invisible to our eyes, but they fulfill essential functions that we do not know, they are decomposers of organic matter, regulate populations of organisms and connect trees.

 What are lichens? 


Lichens are organisms formed by the symbiosis between a fungus, an alga or cyanobacteria. They are very important in ecosystems, since they are bioindicators of atmospheric pollution and allow determining the state of health of the forest.

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