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Carlos Spegazzini

Italian-Argentine botanist and mycologist. In his long career, he described more than 2,900 new species for science belonging to various families of plants and fungi. He wrote many studies on Argentine mushrooms.

Rolf Singer

German mycologist and botanist, one of the most important of the 20th century. He wrote "Mycoflora Australis (1969)", an important book on the fungi of central and southern Chile, where he describes new species.

Egon Horak

Internationally recognized Austrian mycologist who described more than 150 new species for Chile in "Flora Criptogámica de Tierra del Fuego: Basidiomycetes Agaricales and Gasteromycetes Secotoides (1979)".

Waldo Lazo

Chilean mycologist, author of the first Mycological Atlas: Hongos de Chile (2001), which published a second edition in 2016. He was a Professor at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Chile.

Luis Zaror

Medical Technologist with more than half a century of experience, who has contributed greatly to national microbiology and the training of new professionals in the medical area.

Hernán Peredo

Chilean plant pathologist, one of the authors of the book "Parasitic fungi in conifers of South America (1986)" and collaborator of the "Chilean fungi" section of the "Cybernetic Truffle" website.

Jorge Redón

Outstanding Chilean lichenologist, author of the book "Antarctic Lichens (1985)". About 50 years have been devoted to taxonomic and ecological research on lichens.

Wanda Quilhot

Renowned Chilean lichenologist, she was one of the first female scientists allowed to participate in research in Antarctica with the International Council for Science (ICSU).

Marcial Espinosa

Chilean botanist who carried out extensive botanical collections in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador and Santiago. He was Head of the Cryptogamic Botany Section of the National Museum of Natural History of Chile.

Meinhard Moser

Austrian mycologist, dedicated to the taxonomy, chemistry and toxicity of fungi of the Order Agaricales. Together with Horak, they studied the mycorrhizal-forming species in the Nothofagus forests of South America.

Irma Gamundí

Argentine mycologist expert in Ascomycetes mushrooms. Together with EgonHorak, they wrote the book "Fungi of the Andean-Patagonian Forests (1993)" and "Cryptogamic Flora of Tierra del Fuego" (1975)

Eduardo Piontelli

Medical and environmental mycologist. Founder of the Mycological Bulletin of the University of Valparaíso. This magazine publishes various articles on mycological subjects since 1993.

Luigi Ciampi

Agricultural engineer. Renowned national phytopathologist of Italian origin, author of several books, where his work "Mycological Plant Pathology (2006)" stands out.

Eduardo Valenzuela

Chilean mycologist, who was dedicated to the study of the diversity and taxonomy of species of fungi of the Order Agaricales endemic to Chile and to study the mycorrhizal fungi associated with forests and plantations.

Norberto Garrido

Chilean mycologist who carried out his doctoral thesis in Germany and described more than 50 endemic species for Chile. He wrote the book "Index Agaricalium Chilensium (1985)".

Iris Pereira

Chilean lichenologist, whose work has focused on the taxonomy and ecology of lichens, with special interest in epiphytic communities associated with the native forest of Central and the southern Chile.

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