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"Help us continue our work to make knowledge about the Fungi Kingdom accessible"

You have known our work for years, you know that we do it with a lot of love and dedication. For us, the main thing is that you to better understand the world of fungi and lichens that live in Chile, as well as continue researching them to transmit that knowledge.


Unfortunately, we do not always have the necessary funds to carry out all the activities that we would like , it has also become a challenge to maintain our fungarium and all the samples it houses, to make new expeditions to little explored places or to promote the training of new mycologists and mycologists.


Therefore, we need your help, we need your donation to continue moving forward and to be part of the change, to protect nature and with it our beloved Fungi Kingdom.

 We invite you to help us! 


Make your donation from the following link

* Write "Donation NGO Micófilos" in reason of the payment.

Would you like to donate another amount?


 Data for bank transfer 


Name: ONG Micofilos

Account: Vista / Chequera electrónica

Bank: Banco Estado

Account Number: 536-7-015677-6

RUT: 65.165.837-3




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