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"Manual  de Micología Básica"


This book is a guide for all those who are interested in Mycology, giving them basic information to enter the world of fungi. Includes photographs of some fungi present in our country and the history of Chilean Mycology.

"Hongos de Chile: Atlas Micológico"


Second edition of the first book with photographs of Hongos de Chile (2016), written by Waldo Lazo. This wonderful book includes macro and microscopic descriptions of Chilean macrofungi.



This is a book made thanks to a project of the University of Magallanes, where it was intended to increase the knowledge of fungi in the Aysén Region, as well as contribute to the cultivation of edible species.

"Viajeros y Botánicos en Chile, Siglos XVIII y XIX"


This work of naturalistic, historical and artistic characters is a contribution to specialized literature, which is complemented by a collection of botanical illustrations of the 19th century of historical value that had not been disclosed in our country until now.

"Macro-Líquenes del Parque Natural Karukinka"


Book published in 2012 by Felipe Farías, Marcela Aravena, Catalina Zúñiga, Margarita Carú and Julieta Orlando, from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Chile, with the support of Fondecyt and WCS Chile.

"Líquenes Antárticos"


Book written by the Lichenologist Jorge Redón in 1985, about the diversity of lichens that can be found in Antarctica. Dr. Redón was one of the first scientists to participate in expeditions to study lichens in Antarctica.

"Biología de los Hongos"


Thanks to this book, the reader will be able to understand the biotechnological potentialities that fungi offer us. Both the amateur and specialized mycologist will be attracted by its content, in addition, the inclusion of laboratory practices, which it even includes in teaching material.

"Viaje al Mundo de los Myxomycetes"


 Posthumous work by Fernando Bellido Bermejo, which introduces us to the unknown and wonderful world of the Myxomycetes, which although they belong to the Protista Kingdom, are very similar to mushrooms and arouse our curiosity.

"Hongos madera arbolado urbano de Córdoba"


This book reveals the diversity of fungi that degrade the wood of native and exotic trees that are used in sidewalks, parks and patios. These fungi are responsible for the deterioration and subsequent fall of the trees, so it is important to know them.

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