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 Know us 


 Viviana Salazar-Vidal 

Teacher and Biologist specialist in biodiversity and ecology of macrofungi, with an emphasis on edible wild species.

 Sandra Troncoso 

Biologist specialist in taxonomy and ecology of macrofungi, especially those present in desert environments.

 María José Dibán 

Biologist focused on the ecological study and biogeographic patterns of native fungi present in Chile.

 Patricia Silva-Flores 

Fungi Ecologist, with focus on arbuscular mycorrhizae and mycorrhization-based ecological restoration.


 Valentina Cáceres 

Analyst Chemist, he is dedicated to studying the chemical and nutritional composition of edible and medicinal mushrooms.

 Christian Valdés-Reyes 

Forestal Engineer dedicated to studying the fungal diversity associated with streams of swampy forest and maulino forest.


 Francisca Narváez

Illustrator and Visual Artist, she spreads the knowledge of Chilean biodiversity through her beautiful illustrations.