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 Online Talk: Edible and toxic mushrooms Chile 

Talk given by Viviana Salazar-Vidal about the edible and poisonous wild mushroom species that we find in Chile, as well as tips for sustainable harvesting of this resource. Thanks to an invitation from Naturalistas Chile.

 Biodiversity and ecology of Chilean mushrooms

Talk organized by GINHBE-Research Group on beneficial fungi, where María José Dibán reveals the diversity of macro-fungi present in our country and some potential threats to these organisms.

 Edible wild mushrooms from the native forest 

Our dog friend Sioux who loves to explore, went in search of edible wild mushrooms associated with the native forest, where he will introduce us to their main characteristics and tips to cook them in our homes.

 Desert mushrooms: Chilean diversity 

Talk given by Sandra Troncoso, where she addresses the diversity and morphological adaptations of the fungi that live in the Atacama Desert. We thank Naturalistas Chile for allowing us to share knowledge.

 Do you know what a Mycorrhiza is? 

Talk organized by Naturalistas Chile, where Dr. Patricia Silva Flores, explains what mycorrhizae are, with emphasis on arbuscular mycorrhizae, what are their functions and their potential applications in restoration.

 Domo Peuma ("Woman's Dream") 

In this video it becomes known, how a group of women dedicated to the collection of edible wild mushrooms, performs this traditional and ancestral activity in a sustainable way, to maintain the resource over time.

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Este es un mini-documental llamado "Hongos un reino por descubrir" elaborado por el equipo de trabajo del Proyecto VME 21003. EcoFungi: Promoviendo la educación y divulgación científica en torno al Reino Fungi desde La Araucanía dirigido por el Dr. Leonardo Almonacid (UFRO).

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