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Participation in "Guardians of the Future"

With great joy and pride we want to tell you that a short time ago, together with Fundación Mustakis and Ladera Sur, we launched the workshop "Guardians of the Future": The first online course on the importance of Chile's national parks, where our founder and president Viviana Salazar-Vidal participates as one of the protagonists representing the fungus of Queulat National Park.

What do the growth rings of the alerce tree, the diversity of insects, or the depths of the oceans teach us about ourselves? This is part of what can be learned in "Why National Parks? Guardians of the Future", the first free educational course organized by Ladera Sur in conjunction with the Mustakis Foundation and the pedagogical support of the Montessori Pucalán School.

We invite you to take these courses through the web learning platform Planeta Mustakis ( and to learn more about the project at

Documentary with the collaboration of: Josefina Hepp, Ricardo Rozzi, Alfredo Ugarte Peña, Rodrigo Jordan, Raffaele Di Biase, Nicolás Lagos, Juan Pablo Orrego and César Villaroel.


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