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Book launch "Fungi central zone of Chile"

It is a pleasure to announce that on August 18 the book “Mushrooms from the central zone of Chile” was launched by our NGO Mycophiles illustrated by Valentina Cáceres and published by Editorial Libro Verde. This illustrated guide is an invitation to learn about the species of fungi present in the central area of Chile, and particularly those that live in the midst of the vegetation of the Sclerophyllous Forest and the Thorny Scrub, which grows between the slopes and ravines of hills. , from the foothills of the Andes mountain range to the coast.

Through didactic illustrations and updated, clear and precise scientific descriptions, they make this guide essential material for anyone who wants to explore this wonderful and surprising fungal world of central Chile .

With this publication we invite you to learn more closely about the species that inhabit the central area of our country considering that a large part of them are threatened or unknown.

Buy at: Libro Verde Bookstore.


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