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Everything ready for the II Chilean Mycology Meeting 2021!

Organized by the NGO Micófilos Chile in conjunction with the UFRO Fungi Group, this meeting will be held online on October 12, 13 and 14, 2021.

"This second version, like the first meeting we held two years ago, is a good opportunity not only to learn about the Fungi Kingdom, but also to exchange experiences and knowledge regarding the fungi and lichens that inhabit our country. Likewise We have several works by foreign colleagues who have chosen this event to present the results of their research, which makes us very happy ”, commented Viviana Salazar-Vidal, founder and president of the NGO Micófilos. For her part, Bella Romero, director of the UFRO Fungi Association, highlighted “For the Universidad de la Frontera it is of utmost importance to increase scientific knowledge about the Fungi Kingdom, since it has not been widely developed in comparison with the vegetable and animal kingdoms. Participating in the organization of the II Mycology Meeting will open new doors and opportunities for students and academics of the university ”. From the UFRO, the academic and researcher Dr. Leonardo Almonacid also highlighted “I think it is very good that there are such initiatives around fungi, since despite being organisms with multiple functions and great importance at the ecosystem level, they are still a very unknown group. These instances bring people closer to knowing the role of fungi, so I hope this meeting will last over time in order to make this fascinating group of organisms known from different points of view, which I think is also very important".

This meeting features an artistic intervention at the beginning of each day presented by the Mushroom Museum team and, with the participation of prominent national researchers who will address very interesting current topics, such as: fungi associated with ruíl a critically endangered species, the importance of ecological strategies and classical taxonomy of lichens, ecophysiology of lichens in the face of global change, technological applications of fungi, evolution of mycorrhizae associated with orchids, medicinal compounds of Patagonian polypore fungi, fungal biodiversity in ecosystem services and use psilocybin mushroom therapy. Finally, to close the meeting, there will be a Fungi Cocina activity that will be developed with great affection by Seteria Humedal Punucapa. “It has been a challenge to organize an online event in the midst of this pandemic, however, we already have more than 350 registered and we really want this second meeting to be memorable. Although registrations have already closed, all are invited to participate through the YouTube channel: Encuentro Chileno de Micología, where this event will be broadcast live and where the lectures, talks, presentations and e-posters presented will be recorded ”, explained Viviana Salazar-Vidal.

Poster of the II Chilean Mycology Meeting 2021 designed by our illustrator Valentina Cáceres Zavala.


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