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Mushroom lovers in all their manifestations welcome!

We promote research, education, conservation and outreach around the Fungi Kingdom.



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We have a research network made up of national and international institutions linked to the study of nature and its divulgation, supporting the study of the diversity Fungi Kingdom. Likewise, we are constantly training ourselves through postgraduate courses and internships that allow us to advance in our respective lines of research and improve ourselves as professionals, to promote and strengthen collaborative work, both with Chilean and foreign colleagues.


We created the Mycology Clubs for Children in Chile, we worked with Explora since our beginnings and we elaborated didactic material oriented to the general public, to teach the characteristics that distinguish the Fungi Kingdom. Along the same lines, we develop free activities such as: talks, field trips, courses and workshops in schools and higher education institutions, in order to be a close help for those who are dedicated to educating, working or collecting edible wild mushrooms.


As an NGO, is important to us contribute to the conservation of Chilean fungi, lichens and mycorrhizae, which includes the protection of our forests. For this reason, our fungarium was created and registered in the New York Index Herbariorum with the code "MICOCL", which acronym for "Micófilos Chile". Thanks to this fungarium that houses 2,000 samples, it is possible to have a record of the collections obtained in each field carried out and to give continuity to the investigations that are being carried out.


The members of our team have contributed greatly to the knowledge of the Fungi Kingdom in Chile , either through scientific articles, book chapters, books, manuals, brochures, posters, infographics and illustrations, which can be downloaded for free from our page Web. In addition, we have participated in important milestones of national mycology, one of them being the organization of the 1st Chilean Mycology Meeting (2019) .

Did you know that there were several Chilean mycologists and mycologists in the past?

We show you the story of those who laid the foundations for the study of fungi and lichens in our country.


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