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Viviana and her contribution to the preservation of wild and native mushrooms in Chile

In Paula Magazine published by La Tercera newspaper, today's article begins "Fungi - an important but still little known group of organisms present in nature - stand out for their ability to recycle nutrients by intervening in the degradation of dead organic matter, but also for forming beneficial associations with the roots of most trees. The reproductive structures they create amaze us with their shapes and colors on forest walks in the fall and spring: cream-colored trumpets, red, yellow and violet cap mushrooms, yellow, orange and purple coral forms, brown and orange ears, white balls, pink jellies. Many of these species are edible, constituting a gastronomic attraction and an economic resource", says the prologue of the book Edible wild mushrooms native to Chile: recognition, sustainable collection and recipes, by biologist and master Viviana Salazar-Vidal, who is also founder of the NGO Mycophiles and Lemu Rehue.

Viviana Salazar-Vidal was born in Curanilahue, in the Biobío Region and since she was a child - when her parents used to take her to collect mushrooms in the forest - she has been linked to fungi, first as part of her family traditions, but later, after studying biology, as a passionate about the study of these organisms, specifically she has dedicated herself to understanding and helping the conservation of fungi associated with native ecosystems. "Fungi are amazing organisms, not only for their particular shapes and colors, but also for their versatility," she says.

This article highlights the great work done by our founder and president, who in addition to researching fungi has trained in her initial steps several emerging mycologists and mycologists in our country. Viviana is a woman of doing more than saying, as she has demonstrated as she advances in the study of fungi in Chile, publishing articles, book chapters, books and a lot of material, much of it freely available. In those actions, you can tell when someone really wants to share knowledge.

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